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African Fractals – 38-1/4” h x 20” w - In this tapestry, I was inspired by the incredible designs of the Shoowa people, a small tribe from the kingdom of Kuba, in what is now Zaire.  I was also intrigued by fractal geometry in traditional African design.

"An artist friend describes my work as "painting by thread". 

  I am intrigued with the interaction of line, color and form."

Drift – 36” hi x 36” w – “Drift” was my most ambitious project and took over a year to complete!  It was a double spiral overlayed with elements drifting down from a cosmic explosion.  SOLD

Connections – 24” h x 12” w – This tapestry was a commission from my former investment clients for their parents wedding anniversary in New York. SOLD

Cosmic Emergence – 24” h x 20” w – “CE” was a double overlay design and quite challenging!  I wanted to show the cosmos in the background with an indigenous mask emerging in the foreground. SOLD

Cosmic Connections - 15" h x 28" w, framed - CC is part of my cosmology series which I continue to explore.

Small Tapestries

Detail - Explorations

Explorations - 13-3/4 h x 10" w, framed

Detail - Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising - 13-1/2" h x 13-1/4" w, framed


Night Visions - 34-3/4" h x 23" w - This tapestry is part of my earlier indigenous series.  SOLD


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