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I have developed my own form of the Huichol yarn paintings which I call textile paintings. Huichol culture is indigenous to Western Central Mexico.  I combine acrylic and novelty yarns to create works that reflect my interpretation of indigenous cultures both Native American and African.   I also create individual projects on request that honor specific individuals and their journey through life.


Indigenous - 25-1/8" square framed, museum glass  SOLD

Indigenous - Detail

Bartram's Gold - Work in Progress

Bartram's Gold - Finished - 16-1/2" h x 12-3/4" w, framed, museum glass

Bartram's Gold - Composite

Bartram’s Gold” was inspired by the chamber designed and utilized at Sandia National Laboratories for the investigations of surface chemistry in Ultra-High Vacuum - the controlled environment necessary to sustain both pristine conditions and the vacuum necessary to allow the use of charged particle-based analytical spectroscopies.

This Huichol-based art form captures the unique spirit of the beauty created when engineering merges with science, as seen in the photos of this “analytical lab in a can”.

Bartram's Gold


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